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Happy Prosperous Sheep Year! I wrote this article about traditional Cantonese foods eaten during Chinese New Year for DEPARTURES online here. (I included an old-school Canto-Singaporean salad, northern Chinese mutton hot pot and a modern Hong Kong lamb tartare for Year of the Sheep as well). Kung Hei Faat Choy to you! The Cantonese do not eat to live, but live to ...

I’mo Bust your “Cantonese Dialect” Myth

So after I bitchpleased that poor uneducated gweilo in my column “Watch your Language,” I received quite a number of WhatsApps and emails from curious Anglophones, those who actually want to learn Chinese and connect with the local culture. However, they’re very confused with the language issue here in Hong Kong. Should I learn Cantonese ...

Watch Your Language (WARNING: contains expletives)

An edited (but never censored) version was published 6th October 2011 in HK Magazine  So while I was at a scintillating dinner party over wine and cheese and generic jazz from a compilation CD, a white American male who’s spent some time in Beijing proceeded to tell us all that there’s really no point in learning ...


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