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Portals to Old Ahmedabad

I wandered through the courtyard neighbourhoods called pols of old Ahmedabad for three terrific hours during a Heritage Walk, fascinated by the faded artistry and ambience of these doors and gateways. On this trip, I was fortunate enough to have been invited to not one but two modern homes in the new city of Ahmedabad — the beautiful ...

Animals in Ahmedabad

Old Ahmedabad is a colourful labyrinth reminiscent of a quaint medieval Italian town, except with meandering cows and docile Indian dogs and donkeys everywhere. Here is a gallery of God's creatures in Gujarat starting the day in their hood. Already having breakfast downstairs The calves have nothing to eat yet A stranger appears to offer ...

A Heritage Walk around Old Ahmedabad અમદાવાદ

I woke up refreshed and started my first day in Gujarat with a morning Heritage Walk around the walled city of Old Ahmedabad, pronounced as "Amdavad"  in Gujarati. The three-hour guided tour by the Ahmedabad Heritage Foundation starts at 8am from the elaborate Swaminarayan Hindu temple, traverses through a maze of streets, and ends at Jama Masjid, ...


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