Rampage of Appreciation

I play this game called “The Rampage of Appreciation.” Now I must confess that I did not coin this brilliant expression—Esther and Jerry Hicks named this exercise in their book “Ask and It Is Given.” I literally LOL’d when I first came across the term. I just found it absolutely hilarious that this game I’ve entertained in my head since my childhood actually had a name.

You basically begin by casually noticing anything in your immediate environment that pleases you. You can write them down, and it enhances the process, but it’s not a must. When some colleagues and friends were going through the early stages of a minor depression, I made them email me back their list of 10 things they’ve appreciated daily, and the emails became a thread of supercharged positivity that changed their lives.

Oh, you don’t even have to believe in this “New Age” hocus-pocus, nor understand how this simple process will actually mold the energy around you to warp reality. But since you have brainwashed yourself into thinking negatively most of the time, why not try reversing the process and parlay your sick mind into a relatively good mood? Start with 10 things (objects, events, people, whatever) to appreciate per day. If you find it hard to list 10 to be thankful for—sorry, you are probably enmeshed in a lot of selfish drama—it’s best to start telling your negative mind to STFU, and begin with five.

I’m actually practicing my “Fierce Rampage of Appreciation” where I find 20-30 things to be grateful for daily. I actually don’t really have anything to moan about much lately. I am invited to numerous parties and press dinners every week, and flown around the world to live in five-star hotels every other month.

Of course, if I choose to STOP this weekly bitching, I would probably be flown to five-star resorts every other week, but alas, such is my wretched fate.


A more vitriolic version was first published here in HK Magazine

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