Designer Furniture on Bolshaya Konyushennaya

After two days of marinating my eyes in classical art at the Hermitage coupled with St. Petersburg’s relentlessly beautiful Baroque and Neoclassicism on crack aesthetics, modern design was a sight for sore eyes.

I chanced upon these intoxicating interior and furniture stores (one of them is DESIGN GALLERY/BULTHAUP from Berlin) on Bolshaya Konyushennaya after visiting the gorgeous Church of Spilled Blood on my third afternoon. These modern spaces are all housed in old heritage buildings with vaulted ceilings. I luxuriated in their stratospheric beauty for quite some time.

Unfortunately, I’m not an oligarch so I didn’t make any purchases on a whim and ship stuff back to Hong Kong.

DSCN0384  DSCN0389




DSCN0401  DSCN0398 DSCN0386  DSCN0407 DSCN0394  DSCN0395  DSCN0390  DSCN0385  DSCN0378    DSCN0399  DSCN0400  DSCN0405  DSCN0406

It’s rather refreshing to see Lord Buddha chilling in lotus position after a week of intense Russian Orthodox iconography in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

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