Chatting with Albert Adrià

So I just got billed on my card for this domain name, and I realized that it’s yet another year with me being ridiculously dismal at blogging, so here’s a photo post of me with Albert Adrià. The famous chef came to cook for one night only at Catalunya, easily one of Hong Kong’s best contemporary Spanish restaurants.

I had a fun chat with him on the 3rd of January at Catalunya. I only speak Castilian (that’s what most people know as Spanish), and Albert mostly spoke in Catalan (that’s the language they speak in Barcelona). Thank God for the presence of Jenny, the half-British, half-Spanish restaurant manager who acted as my trusty interpreter. She has an impressive command of the Castilian, Catalan and English tongues.

This was my first gig & major celebrity chef interview in 2014, so this was a pretty sweet start to the year. Read the piece here on Prestige Hong Kong.

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